Sunday, March 29, 2009

4 Tips for Challenging an Earthquake in a Bumper Car

Do you live in LA? If so then you know a little something about earthquakes. Earthquakes can happen at any time and without warning. Unfortunately, earthquakes can even happen when you're with your friends at the local bumper car lot.

Though we wish earthquakes never happened, you are in luck if you're in a bumper car during a fierce earthquake. Though it can be a lot of fun to operate your bumper car during the earthquake, you gotta remember there are several precaution and safety tipsto remember when you're in the moment:

1. Keep your seat-belt on!
2. Stay in line-- no cuts!
3. Pull over-- quit bumping!
4. Earthquake must come to a complete stop before further bumping.

Follow these rules during the next earthquake and you will be safe. And remember, enjoy it! Enjoy the ride!

Beep Beep Baller!

Hope you like bumper cars! Gonna make this the premiere site to get the lowdown on who's driving which ride, who's waiting in line and who is gonna have to wait it out because their mom says no. In other words, you're right in the action! Let's drive!

Out of all the bumper car rides I have enjoyed over the years, I definitely gotta give props to the entertainment center in Shawnee, KS called Powerplay. I don't work for them, but it almost feels like it when I go there. Their staff is so friendly and the bumper car attendant always lets me and my friends ride a bit longer (especially if no one is waiting in line!). Its kind of like being VIP at the bumper car ride! lol

For real, bumper cars have a lot of significance in my life and I hope they do for you, too! Join in other discussions on bumper cars coming soon!